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Eena and Gavin are among those abandoned on the surface that survive aircraft falling from skies, raging winds, and unrelenting electrical storms. Nor have they survived Solar Flash to be held under the thumbs of the subsequently arriving Landlords and Social Engineering minions.

   Revulsion grips Eena when the new rulers offer her a rise in status by working in a lab to turn cloned infants into a bionic workforce.

 The dream of flying with an eagle to a distant mountain

to a beckoning Native American elder, shakes Eena to

action. Though retrievers hunt down runners from

townships, she clasps the Journey of Man pendant and

leads five youths into the desert.

 Arrival at Three Mountains Community fuels  Eena's determination to return to help those left behind. The


discovery of a portal to the ancient land of Mu, where giant birds called augurs fly and people ride them, leads to Eena's momentous realization. PIloting augurs may be the last, best chance to achieve human sovereignty. Perhaps your kind will empower our mission to save the weaponless workers imprisoned in the townshps.







Cold, hard glass resists the palm Dora places as close as possible to the prisoner’s until the guard leads Caellum away. The slam of the heavy door separating them seems final, the approach of his execution unstoppable.

In this second book of the New Earth Chronicles, an air of futility weights the driving question: how to free Caellum, the Landlord's poster boy of the doomed sovereignty movement.

The imperial governor prods production of docility-inducing nanites and the union of Dora and his son Rolf.

Meanwhile, the ancient Druidic wisdom of Adair draws

Dora to the mysterious structure, Cedarhenge. As they complete the stained glass mural, Dora remains oblivious of the powerful secret resonating around the etched class triskelion perched on a pedestal in Cedarhenge

While The Sovereignty Movement struggles, Scholtz flexes his

muscles with two impactful decrees. The first, injecting the population with nanites will render the population docile,



compliant with his will. And they will begin with school children.. The second mandates the gala event of the season—the nuptials of his son Rolf Scholtz and Dora, forever severing Dora and Caelum's dream of a life together.




On Winged Gossamer, the third book of the New Earth Chronicles begins with the  Sovereignty Movement stalled at an all time low. Martial law increasing cramps the people's freedom. Students pulled from the university to work at at Onmatson Farm labor under deplorable conditions. The cloned babies at Fort Carson sill face a dehumanized future; and Caellum, the leader of the movement, presumed dead, slinks about in Transtopia's shadows until the oppressed student farmhands revolt.

The question is how the entrance on the scene of the

'Mad Queen' ensconced in Creepy Denver Airport will

impact the power struggle between Imperial Governor

Charles Scholtz and the Sovereignty Seekers.

Biate's unbeatable robot military force and her connection

to a powerful AI worry Caellum and Dora. But unknown to them another deeply concerning threat looms. The queen's determined to obtain a child-not just any child-a child of royal lineage. And when Dora gives birth to Michael, he's the only one around.

The SynAnn Governor, Charles Scholtz also has designs on his grandson, Michael to eventually grow his empire. While the governor and Biate flirt with an alliance, the cover for a power struggle over Michael; while Caellum is away on a mission to rescue students fleeing the incinerated farm and the military, Dora discovers too late the forces endangering her son.

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